Vale Jim – “Great men are not born great; they are made great through the adversities and trials they overcome for the sake of others”I was deeply saddened when I received a message last weekend from Jim’s daughter Robyn, advising me that Jim was in palliative care…a day later, he had passed. My eyes well up thinking of this truly respected man, one whom I am so extremely privileged to have known for several years. Jim Reid loved with such a great depth. He adored his family and he had all the time in the world for others whom he always put before himself. I first knew Jim when I began coaching a recreational running group called Run With Life. His daughter Robyn frequented the sessions and Jim would often make an appearance, have a chat, run at the lake, and just…be there. For as long as I have known Jim he battled the cancer that would ultimately overcome him, and yet his attitude was always cheery and positive. He was a great runner. A marathoner in his time and his passion for running was always evident. As a member of the Traralgon Harriers, Jim was not only a proficient runner, but more-so a great encourager and supporter of others who shared his passion – his daughter Robyn included. Many of our members will have fond memories of their conversations with Jim and I am extremely sad to pass on this news to those who’s lives he touched. More recently, Jim and I shared a love for the ‘lolly-pop’! We both held positions as School Crossing Supervisors (though in different shires), and would catch up now and then for a chat; either in person or via text, about our duties as we donned the high-vis yellow coats and hats Monday to Friday!
The world is at a loss for losing you Jim, but it is a better place because of you.
My deepest sympathies and thoughts go out to Jim’s friends and family at this time.
The funeral of this dear and wonderful man Jim Reid, will be held on Wednesday at 11am.It will be available to Livestream on the link below. commences at 10:45am)It can also be watched via this link at a later time or date.

____________________________________________________________________________________________The 8-Year Itch!“Because a change is as good as a holiday!”Steve and I have never wanted a ‘Forever Home’, we prefer to keep on the move and go with the flow of life as it moulds and changes over time. Chapters. Each as captivating and intriguing as the next, turning the page with anticipation and excitement as to what will unfold. We have enjoyed immensely the past 8 years in our beautiful and perfect little home in Lilydale. It was a big change for us, coming from a secluded bush setting of the western red cedar home that we adored for 8 years in Launching Place from 2006 just before we married until 2012. Each home brought us great happiness and was perfect for that time of our lives, and now, we move on to find our next little perfect abode for this chapter. Shortly, this light, bright, happy little home in Lilydale will be going on the market! A true ‘Runner’s Paradise’! 700m from Lilydale Lake, 200m to the Warburton Trail, 2km from the Mt Evelyn Athletics Track, and a little hop, skip, and a jump to the plentiful trails of Silvan and the Dandenong Ranges. The location is sunny, in a quiet private road setting among 10 other little houses, low maintenance and has only ever known Steve and I as owners. I have always felt as if I were on holidays in this house! For some reason it reminds me of a place we stayed at in Airlie Beach, the sun streaming through the shutters from dawn till dusk, the bird-song in the mornings, and the beautiful garden setting. Steve has put much love in to the vegetable garden which is bountiful all year round, and the native gardens that surround the house on common areas have been a labor of love and passion. When we first bought the house, yet to be completed, there was nothing here. I remember the day very well, it was 2 weeks before Melbourne Marathon 2012, to be my first marathon, and I was terrified of injuring myself lugging furniture around! Suffice to say, all went without a glitch! Please be assured – we are not moving far! We want to head back out to the valley, to our happy place of Warburton. A place where we just feel at home. The river, the mountains, the small village feel…a quieter life, a simpler existence, a haven for the three of us and for our friends (you all!) and family to visit and retreat to. A little house on the prairie is what we envisage! Nothing in regards-to Gen Run will change, and of course The Running Company Lilydale. We are just really excited to begin a new chapter, to be at one with nature, and to create our next little slice of paradise. We have wonderful plans of hosting Gen Run social gatherings there and to welcome you all to visit whenever you like. It will be a place of great peace and tranquility, of warmth and leisure.
Here are the details of our home in Lilydale that will be going on the market in the coming weeks! Please feel free to share with your friends and family!

11 Themeda Place, Lilydale:

*3 bedroom*1 bathroom with bath and shower plus seperate toilet*Double (much bigger than the usual) lock up garage*Under house storage/workshop with lighting and power connections*Newly tiled large north facing decking*Tasmanian hardwood floors*Large bird aviary along the back of the house*Impressive veggie garden and well established native gardens*Stone kitchen bench tops*Solar hot-water and ducted heating

________________________________________________________________________________Every day a different body… “If I didn’t wake up and feel sore, I might think I was dead!Without a doubt this seems to be the truth for me, and I am sure I am not alone in this! Everyday we are different. Not just older, but perhaps more conditioned, stronger, leaner, or stiffer, weaker, tighter, energetic or lethargic, relaxed or exhausted. Sore in one area that yesterday felt fine! Fine in an area that yesterday was sore! I certainly can’t seem to work it out! The rhyme or reason eludes me! Importantly, it is simply an acknowledgement of what we are feeling, making a judgement as to what we should do, and using the strength and sense of the mind to nourish and be kind to our bodies that really are incredible things to be loved and appreciated in all forms. There are few runners I know who aren’t ‘dealing’ with some sort of niggle or other. We are not symmetrical beings and as such the body tends to invariably be stronger or more dominant on one side which; under the stress, load, and repetition of running, can lead to compensation injuries, over-load injuries, stress injuries, and general imbalances causing tightness and pain. The wonderful thing is that we can do something about it, to some part anyway! 

  • Consistent strength work to target specific areas
  • Self massage/rolling/gentle stretching
  • Rotation of running footwear to adjust the foot and body position/alignment (rest and recruit evenly)
  • Change the terrain and gradient of running surfaces
  • Reduce inflammation through anti-inflammatory foods/supplements
  • Keep well hydrated 
  • Adequate and high quality sleep (repair time)
  • Allow rest between intense/long sessions 
  • Manage load (intensity and duration)
  • Reduce stress
  • Seek professional advice from recommended health care practitioners

For myself it is a constant of game of cat and mouse between what I want to be able to do (in the running sense) and what my body will allow at any given time. Due to the nature of osteoarthritis this can often change from day to day. Frustrating, yet educational! Usually there will be one knee that is happier than the other due to the natural asymmetry of the body and the aforementioned compensation situation, and also the rate of degeneration from both loading and age. To add insult to injury, my latest woes have come from what we now believe is the likely cause of my random foot pain and ‘feelings’ – a nerve compression injury. Warning! Beware of doing leg-swings in the garage! A few weeks back I was preparing for my run whilst Steve got his bike out of the garage. I was standing there doing my leg swings (as you do!) and misjudged where a pile of new decking tiles was and WHAM! There goes the inside of the ankle joint right into the corner of the unforgiving stack! At the time it brought tears to my eyes and was just very sore and bruised (off I went running!), then the pain in my leg began. Not just pain but pins and needles, burning sensations, tightness, numbness and constant aching. This then progressed down in to the foot which has all of these feelings and more now on a very regular basis (like, every moment of every day pretty much!). Apparently, in the place that contacted the tiles directly runs the largest nerve in the foot! Great! The result, a nerve compression injury, inflammation, and the random and very frustrating and painful – nerve pain… Good to have an answer nonetheless and to know that I am not doing damage by running, if only perhaps delaying the recovery process a little. To be honest, and strangely enough, often running is the least painful part of my day! Yay for those happy, pain reducing endorphins! Apparently over time, the inflammation will reduce and the nerve will stop sending out all its crazy messages to my foot. 
Returning from injury can be both exciting and terrifying. It never gets easier, we just get better at handling the process. For those of our runners who have been dealing with significant running injuries and are now on the comeback may I offer some advice (that comes from many many ‘return to running’ scenarios over my time!):

  1. Be patient – trust the process and your professional advisors
  2. Be kind – to your body, head and heart 
  3. Be willing – to ’start again’ and embrace this opportunity of reincarnation

It is not unusual to find great improvement after an injury set-back. The strength work, the rest, and the care that you have given your body during your time of injury will all be extremely valuable when you get back to your running. I have run some of my best times just months after returning from major set-backs and time off. This is very encouraging! Optimism and positive thinking will go a long way to boosting your post-injury running performance – do not underestimate the power of the mind. There is little point comparing yourself to the runner you were before; you are not that runner now. You can be better!!! You have given your body time off (and whether you wanted to or not, an off-season is extremely important and as recreational runners, generally the only time we practice this is when our body’s force us in to it. Perhaps if we were smarter we might just take some time off before we get injured???) Perhaps…

💟 One Family At A Time Virtual Run + Walk

Virtually Racing! Are you needing some motivation and purpose to your running? Here are a couple of local, charity-run events that might just give you that pep-talk you need right now!

Sunday, November 22, 2020 at 9 AM – 2 PMPublic · Hosted by One Family At A TimeOnline EventGet your running shoes ready, it’s time for OFAAT’s Virtual run + walk!Normally around this time of year, the team at OFAAT and our Volunteers are gearing up to to head over to Siem Reap, Cambodia to participate in “Running for a Roof” – but for obvious reasons, this year, we are bringing our annual running event to you! On November 22nd, we will be hosting our first ever Virtual Run + Walk, with events to suit everyone. These distances can be run or walked, it’s entirely up to you.Each of the events is tied to a fact about Cambodia and signifies the very reason why our work there is so important. We hope that learning a little bit more about this incredible country will motivate you during your event!The events are: – 3km: 3.8 is the average number of years that girls in Cambodia 
will attend school for (across primary and secondary)- 5km: 5.6 is the average number of years that boys in 
Cambodia will attend school for (across primary and 
secondary)- 10km: Less than 10% of Cambodian people are able to attend 
university – 15km: Only 15% of children attend upper secondary school- 20km: 20% of 5-9 year old children are already employedWe will be posting more information about the event leading up to it, so please stay tuned for more details!There will be a welcome and warm up before we all kick off our events together (in spirit!) and a celebratory drink the evening with some prizes!The entrance fee is $15 and we are raising funds to GO BIG in Cambodia! There is a huge need for services such as mother / baby clinics, mental health support, and play groups and we are planning on buying a building in Cambodia to support us to deliver these programs. The space will also be an office for our staff, a sewing centre for the women from our incredible SEW FARE – social enterprise, it will provide space for english classes and also provide a shop front where we can sell SEW FARE stock. 
It will also provide a space for volunteers to meet and plan activities with staff. ALL funds donated will be used to help us purchase a suitable building.Please register your details and your distance via the eventbite link (coming soon!) and make your payment of $15 via the Give Now link, OFAAT bank transfer or through PayPalRegistration payments or donations can be made here:…/onefamilyatatimevirtualru…/More information coming soon, but save the date, invite your friends and get excited! Please feel free to comment on this event or message us if you have any questions about the event.

✴️ Run For The Young Marathon 2020


Sunday, November 29, 2020 at 6 AM – 1 PMBridge Builders Youth OrganisationPublic · Hosted by Bridge Builders Youth OrganisationThrive Sports Medicine and The Running Company – conjuction with The Running Company Lilydale and Thrive Sports Medicine, Bridge Builders is proud to present the 7th Annual Run for the Young Marathon!This year we are going virtual!With an update to our finisher medals and the addition of a 5km Walking category we know that RFTY 2020 has something for everyone, and you’ll enjoy every minute of it!Sunday 29th November 
To enter or find out more visit 

Sunday Full Body Functionals via Zoom!
This afternoon at 5PM –

join me and other Gen Runners for a strength session designed to target running-specific muscles to build strength, endurance, stability and power! It is the perfect excuse to give a little something back to your body and to connect with your running buddies and your coach for a fun time indoors or out! All levels and abilities are catered for through options and adaptations. No equipment required – if you do have some hand-weights however, bring them along!Don’t forget to have your drink bottle with you – it is going to be a warm one!
Sunday Funday Strength – Full Body Functionals!Time: 5PM today!
Join us from home via Zoom:
Meeting ID: 825 157 9367Passcode: GenRun

Hello Sunny Sunday! ☀️Soak it up and have a beautiful day!I will be putting up this week’s training schedule for you all shortly 👍🏼
Coach Bec

Head Coach : Bec Rosel

This is YOUR Generation to RUN!


Qualified running coach and marathon runner. Proud Founder of Generation Run Running Squad. Join us and become a Gen Runner today!

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