I’m Bec Rosel; proud founder and Head Coach of the ‘Generation Run Running Squad’!

 You may have seFB_IMG_1428901210180en my husband Steve and I out and about; training at Lilydale lake, on the Warburton  Trail, the local athletics track or around the streets – we’re always  running!

Here’s a little bit about myself:

Rebecca Rosel – ‘Qualified Running Coach and Marathon Runner’

If anyone had said that by the age of 31 I would be a running coach, have a 2:52 marathon to my name, regularly run 80km+ a week and compete almost every fortnight, I would have told them that they must have the wrong person! It’s certainly not what I had envisioned in my tea leaves but I’m sure glad it turned out this way!

Running has taken me to places I never thought I’d go, let alone run! I have met so many amazing, interesting, passionate and talented people along the way and have come to realise that if there is one thing I want from life, it is to run for as long as I can – till there’s hardly anyone left in my age-group to compete against!!! Yet becoming a runner hadn’t even crossed my mind until I decided to don a pair of jeans and old worn runners and head out in the rain to see if I could run the 3km to the local milk bar and back. Spur of the moment, 2 major knee surgeries and absolutely no idea if I even could run! Suffice to say I returned, feeling amazing, no knee pain, and with the strong desire to, like Forrest Gump – RUN and just keep on running!!!

That was 5 years ago. Today my aim is to one day represent Australia in the marathon. In the meantime; I continue to train with the aim of getting as fast as possible across the 5km, 10km, half marathon and marathon distances, whilst along the way, inspiring others to dream big, to run for health and fitness, for happiness and friendship, for themselves, their families, and their future.

My Personal Bests as of 2015–

5000m – 17:59

10km – 36:17

21.1km – 1:19:56

42.2km – 2:52:18


Steve Rosel – Assistant Coach and Gen Runner


Steve Rosel is a Qualified Level 1 Athletics Coach who has been focused on his running career since his late twenties. His passion for all things active and fun radiates through his every pore and is infectious! Steve is not only a talented runner and enthusiastic supporter of Generation Run, but also the Manager of Active Feet in Heathmont; where his extensive knowledge of all things footwear and his passion for running collide and extend far beyond his daily employment. Steve is the perfect go-to-person for all your running footwear queries – he will happily talk all day about your shoes and running goals!

Steve’s aim for his running has always been to keep fit, to enjoy his running, to challenge himself and to help and encourage others to do the same. He has competed in many road and trail races, both interstate and internationally. The first few months of 2016 has seen Steve complete his first Ultra Trail Marathon at Two Bays 56km and also run a Half Marathon PB on the road at Geelong Half Marathon.

If Steve isn’t coaching at Generation Run he is sure to be training with us – don’t hesitate to grab him between breaths for a training tip, running shoe query or simply a chat!

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  1. Alice says:

    Hi guys! Thanks for being so positive and supportive! I hope you achieve your goals, Bec. I tried to think of anything I could do to help, and I remembered this YouTube video. It’s a TED talk and I have found it very inspiring. I hope you like it. It’s by Hilary Biscay. Definitely work watching. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mkyuXxlYHBU 🙂 Alice

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