I’m Bec Rosel; proud founder and Head Coach of the ‘Generation Run Running Squad’!

 You may have seFB_IMG_1428901210180en my husband Steve and I, with our run-dog Burleigh, out and about; training at Lilydale lake, on the Warburton Trail, the local athletics track, around the streets, or at the many road/trail/track events around the state and further abroad. We are always running!

Here’s a little bit about myself:

Rebecca Rosel – ‘Level 2 Advanced Qualified Recreational Running Coach’ and Marathon Runner.

As someone who took up running less than 8 years ago (in my late twenties), to improve my figure and fitness; if I had been told back then that I would go on to be ranked number 18 female in Australia over the Marathon distance (2014), have my own Recreational Running Squad – Generation Run, and live, breath and sleep running, I would have said they were delusional! The universe has a funny way of working things out, and now, I wouldn’t possibly have it any other way. Every day, often twice, or three times a day even, I get to see the enormous benefits that running has on individuals. To see how life-changing such a simple activity can be; and it is, a simple activity. We start running from such a young age and we think nothing of it, it’s natural, it is a part of us all, we just forget about it as time goes on; we lose the pure joy of running down a grassy embankment, our legs running away with us, the gay abandon that we felt as a child. Now, as a coach, I guide people through their running journeys. From 5km to ultra-marathons, from track to trail, from feeling like they don’t know how to run, to becoming a regular runner and an inspiration to their friends and family, a role model to their children, and a new and improved version of themselves.
Daily, I share my training with my husband (and Generation Run Assistant Coach) Steve. Not solely running; also cycling, horse-riding (my other hat – a Horse Riding Instructor), gym work, swimming and deep water running. We share our little house with our pet Galah Birdie, and outside our pet duck Daffy and his 2 pigeon friends Chesty and Newbie. Plus, our 5 horses who reside at my parent’s property just up the road!
I aspire to be a better runner, faster, and more enduring. To bring the joy of running to so many more people in our community and beyond. To see more of the world, and run it! To (we must dream big, right?!) one day wear the green and gold for Australia. And finally, when life gives way to time, knowledge, and experience, to write a book about it all. Who knows? Someone might just read it and be inspired, or at least amused!

I continue to train with the aim of getting as fast as possible across the 5km, 10km, half marathon, and marathon distances – to date, these are some of my proudest achievements:

10km – 35:50 – (2018)

21.1km – 1:19:56 (2014)

42.2km – 2:52:18 (2014)

  • Female winner of the Adelaide Marathon 2018
  • Multiple female winner of the Arthurs Seat Challenge
  • Ranked 6th fastest marathon female in Australia first half of year 2018
  • Multiple Podium place-getter at The Great Train Race – 2nd place 2018


Steve Rosel – Assistant Coach and Gen Runner


Steve Rosel is a Qualified Level 1 Athletics Coach who has been focused on his running career since his late twenties. His passion for all things active and fun radiates through his every pore and is infectious! Steve is not only a talented runner and enthusiastic supporter of Generation Run, but also the Manager of Active Feet in Heathmont; where his extensive knowledge of all things footwear and his passion for running collide and extend far beyond his daily employment. Steve is the perfect go-to-person for all your running footwear queries – he will happily talk all day about your shoes and running goals!

Steve’s aim for his running has always been to keep fit, to enjoy his running, to challenge himself and to help and encourage others to do the same. He has competed in many road and trail races, both interstate and internationally. The first few months of 2016 has seen Steve complete his first Ultra Trail Marathon at Two Bays 56km and also run a Half Marathon PB on the road at Geelong Half Marathon.

If Steve isn’t coaching at Generation Run he is sure to be training with us – don’t hesitate to grab him between breaths for a training tip, running shoe query or simply a chat!

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  1. Alice says:

    Hi guys! Thanks for being so positive and supportive! I hope you achieve your goals, Bec. I tried to think of anything I could do to help, and I remembered this YouTube video. It’s a TED talk and I have found it very inspiring. I hope you like it. It’s by Hilary Biscay. Definitely work watching. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mkyuXxlYHBU 🙂 Alice

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