• Generation Run organised Sunday Trail Runs will be posted on the ‘Gen Run Community Club’ Facebook page and I will email information out to you also. These are for all abilities! Please bring hydration and nutrition as required – if you are unsure please don’t hesitate to ask. On many trails normal running shoes are fine, trail shoes may be worn but are not compulsory. Stay tuned for weekly updates on times, locations, and distances for these runs.


  • A NEW Social Run Session with The Running Company Lilydale ‘Run Club’! Meeting every Tuesday morning at the shop: 242 Main Street, Lilydale at 6:20AM for a 6:30AM start; this brand NEW ‘Run Club’ is totally FREE and OPEN TO ALL! Heading out from the shop for a social ‘run at your own pace’ covering around 4-7kms depending on your pace and (early morning energy!), we offer a terrific start to your day, running buddies, chats, exercise, sunrise, and lovely local trails to explore. Please join us!
    • Nike ‘TRC Run Club’ tees and singlets NOW available!


  • Personalised Running Programs for Gen Run Squad Members are available from Coach Bec at a cost of $75.
    I have always been adamant that I will only write programs for runners that I coach and see regularly. I do not write generic or online programs as I do not believe that this is ‘coaching’, and there is no better way to give yourself an injury than to follow someone else’s program! Writing programs takes time, a lot of it! In the past I have not charged members for programs, however I am becoming increasingly needed in this department and I want to be able to offer you all the best service possible.
    Programs are tailored to the individual, built around individual lifestyles, daily routines, weekly training, and individual goals.
    Depending on personal goals, training programs will be 8-12-week plans, and will include:

* Supplementary strength / cross-training advice and workouts
* In-depth spreadsheet outlining daily sessions: running, strength, cross-training, rest, and active recovery
* Frequent communication in regard to training sessions, injuries, race planning, goal-setting etc
* Initial one-on-one consult to go through all required information
* The peace of mind in knowing that a qualified and experienced coach who knows you personally and as an athlete is guiding your training
* Accountability and the assurance that your Gen Run Squad sessions will be relevant to your training goals
* Referrals to recommended and trusted health care professionals who partner with Generation Run

Whatever your goals!
Please contact me if you would like a Personalised Running Program designed for you 😁🏃‍♂️


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