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We have partnered up with KINeSYS!

Sunscreen products developed specifically for active skin. It’s what they put in, what they leave out, and how they are applied that makes KINeSYS different.
Formulated by experts, KINeSYS products are created to provide protection without impacting performance, be simple to apply, and a pleasure to wear.

Not so active? That’s okay too.
Their tagline “However You Perform” was chosen with care.
Whether you are a pro-athlete, lover of being lazy, outdoor-type or something in the middle; the formula and feel of KINeSYS makes it the sunscreen of choice for everyone (including those with sensitive skin).
However you perform, don’t sacrifice your skin.
KINeSYS is the answer.

Follow the link below to view the partnership page for Generation Run and KINeSYS!



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