On her 32nd birthday, Hannah vowed to give up her afternoon and ‘Run For Joy’.

She would run 32kms; the furthest she had ever run, and in the process she would raise much needed funds for the Hilltop Foundation’s ‘Jobs For Life’ program which endeavors to: Restore hope and joy to those who have found themselves in the situation of being long-term unemployed.


Because this is just who Hannah is; Constantly reaching out to others, putting others before herself and going beyond the call of duty where-ever possible. As a dedicated wife, mother of four young children and full-time employee of Thankyou, the mind boggles as to when she finds time to even contemplate such things! However, yesterday was testament to her true devotion and she did not only run 32kms, she tacked on another 3 just for fun!!! I was appreciative to be able to give her a high-five as she flew past with her running buddy Scott along the Gardiner’s Creek Trail in Burwood yesterday afternoon, her happy smiling face said it all – Hannah really was ‘Running For Joy’.

Read Hannah’s blog here at: http://www.hannahsheruns.com/ and meet this inspiring Gen Runner, Mizuno Brand Ambassador, 2015 Ausruncon Ambassador and She Science Ambassador at training!

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